Our Integrated Asset-Driven Services

CLS GeoSolutions has an expert team that can provide the following integrated services.

Petrophysical Services
  • Database Setup.
  • Well Log Edition and Evaluation.
  • Petrophysical properties modeling.
  • Geo-mechanical Analysis and Modeling.
Geological Services
  • Core and Log Integration and Lateral Well Correlation Validation.
  • Structural and Fault mapping and Static Geo-Modeling.
  • Facies Clustering and Modeling.
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis and Integration (Charge History, Source Rock, Structure, Tectonics and Deposition).
  • Sweet Spot Identification and Characterization of Resource Plays.
Geophysical Services
  • Seismic Conditioning (pre-and post-stack) and Interpretation.
  • Well-to-seismic analysis, Seismic Wavelet estimation and Synthetic Modeling.
  • Rock Physics analysis, Fluid-Substitution and Petro-Elastic Synthetic Modeling.
  • Deterministic and Statistical Seismic Inversion (Pre-and Post-Stack).
  • Seismic AVA Inversion and Interpretation.
  • Rock Typing and Lithofacies Prediction.
  • Advanced Pore Pressure and Effective Stress Estimations.
  • G&G Risk Analysis and Structural/Fluid Model Scenarios Forecasting.
Engineering Services
  • Welltypes(P10, P50 , P90) Estimation, Well Production Profiles and Expected Recovery Factor (RF), Productivity Index (PI) and Ultimate Recovery (EUR) per well.
  • Integral Asset Evaluation: G&G Model Scenarios, Field Production and Exploitation Scenarios (P10 P50 P90).
Quicker, Integrated O&G Reservoir & Shale Sweet Spots Insight